Arlette Smith

My family’s relationship with NursePartners began in the summer of 2009. My mother, at the time, was hospitalized due to the congestive heart failure and diabetes conditions from which she suffered. My father was afflicted with Alzheimer’s and was not able to provide the level of support for my mother or himself as he previously was able before his diagnosis. On top of this, my parents both resided in Philadelphia while I, their only child, resided 3000 miles away in California. I was anxiety ridden and overwhelmed as the physical distance between myself and my parents limited how much I was able to monitor the situation hands on despite the several trips per year that I made to Philadelphia. The Director of the Assisted Living/Skilled Nursing residence where my parents resided suggested that I take advantage of the services that NursePartners had to offer. She stated that they came highly recommended and could provide a wide array of supportive services for my parents. In less than 24 hours, I was contacted by NursePartners. By the end of the conversation, I felt much less anxious. They immediately began providing services to my parents. The management and Certified Nursing Assistants at NursePartners have been invaluable. They are professional, kind, efficient, and they never fail to provide me with regular verbal and written updates. My mother, sadly, passed away in the spring of 2010. I know that the last year of her life was made much brighter and more comfortable by the presence of NursePartners. They continue to work with my father several times per week and even though his Alzheimer’s has continued to progress, the familiarity of their presence brings to him comfort as well as a sense of safety. I also cannot overstate how much NursePartners has provided me in the form of emotional support as I travel this difficult journey of caring for elderly parents as an only child. I now see them not only as service providers but also as extended family. I know that my mother felt the same way and that if my father was able to, he would concur