Leadership Team

Angela Geiger, RN

CEO, Dementia Practitioner

Angela founded NursePartners in 2002 and continues to run the company today.

A nationally credentialed dementia practitioner and registered nurse, she is passionate about providing support to those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Over thirty years in geriatric care is testament of her passion to care for older adults. She works closely with each carepartner to optimize results for our clients and their families.

Angela was a Director of Nursing at Manor Health Care, where she obtained the foundation to guide a large network of staff. Angela is focused on spreading awareness. She devotes time conducting a number of community outreach programs on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association or at senior citizen centers and nursing facilities.

You can reach Angela at 610-323-9800, extension 100.

Jessica Snyder

Executive Director

Jessica is responsible for supervises our local offices, overseeing client care services for all divisions. She loves collaborating with families, ensuring quality care, and matching carepartners to their clients. Jessica obtained her training at Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center as a Certified Nursing Assistant and is passionate about helping others age in place with both dignity and grace.

Since 2004, Jessica has worked in every leadership position within the company. She has proven to be an irreplaceable member of the team.

Jessica is also an active mother, keeping her sons competitive in football and business development tournaments.

You can reach Jessica at 610-323-9800, extension 101.

Peter R. Abraldes, MPS

Chief Operating Officer

Peter began as a clinical service coordinator in 2016. He helped new clients learn about our services through community outreach, speaking engagements, family meetings, and participating on local boards. He enjoyed meeting each client and supporting their families. He is a certified dementia coach and trained in the Positive Physical Approach to Care.

Today he manages the operations and strategy for the company with the goal of improving client and employee experience.

Carol Anne Ferrante

Director of Customer Relations

Carol Anne joined NursePartners in 2018, bringing with her 20 years’ experience. She has worked in all aspects of staffing, building an expanding network of relationships with employees and facilities. She helped develop a nursing curriculum for a local college. Carol Anne was instrumental in securing and maintaining a U.S. government service staffing agreement.

She is recently engaged and loves spending time with her family and friends.

You can reach Carol Anne at 610-323-9800, extension 102.

Neena Vyasan

Clinical Coordinator

Neena is passionate about being a nurse for almost 25 years.  Her leadership and hands on experience makes her a perfect addition to the NursePartners team.

One of Neena’s many strengths is problem solving which she uses to keep clients and carepartners happy with services.  Everything is tailored to clients’ needs so we can exceed their expectations.  She is an advocate for keeping loved ones at home, supported by the best care possible.

Neena enjoys traveling with her husband and visits from her grown kids.  She believes in maintaining a work/life balance and making time for those who matter most.

Amina Pippen


Amina is the newest recruiter to join our team.  Her experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant helps her find experienced nurses that fit our culture.  She focuses on customer service delivery, strong communication skills, and building a relationship with the applicants.

She graduated from Norristown Area High School in 2008 and works in our Pottstown office.  She enjoys singing, riding bikes, and attending her sons’ sports games.

Adrian White

Administrative Associate

Adrian began working with NursePartners in 2012 as a scheduling coordinator, helping us place the best CNAs, LPNs, and RNs, in our home care, GEM, and facility divisions.  She also assisted with payroll and billing.

We are happy to see Adrian return after a short break.  Today, Adrian spends most of her day helping with recruitment and credentialing.

Adrian came to NursePartners with over 19 years of experience as a CNA.  She is a wife, mother of three children, and new grandmother

Robert Wharton

Administrative Assistant

Robert began working at NursePartners in 2020. As an Administrative Assistant, he plays an important role in recruitment and identifying future caregivers to join our team. Robert’s focus is finding the best licensed nurses to care for older adults entrusted in our care or at partner facilities.

Robert balances his work with the responsibilities of being a Certified Fitness Trainer and nutritionist.

Tiffany Cuascut


Tiffany’s passion for nursing started in eighth grade. After her great grandmother had a stroke, she witnessed the quality of care that was provided, fueling her passion to learn more. She continued to prepare by graduating high school with honors, later to enroll in Wesley College to become a registered nurse herself. She is currently enrolled in college to finish furthering her education.

Her diverse education and leadership experience has prepared her to be an effective recruiter at NursePartners. She uses her strong communication skills to establish relationships with applicants and convert them to our newest employees. She works with the team at our site in Philadelphia.

Tiffany enjoys traveling, spending time with loved ones, reading, writing, and trying a new vegan meal.

Alyssa Missimer

On Call Coordinator

Alyssa has assisted NursePartners with recruitment since January 2017. She enjoys playing a decisive role in identifying future carepartners to join our team. Alyssa focuses on finding the best registered and licensed practical nurses.

Alyssa balances her work with the responsibilities of being a new mother.