Leadership Team

Angela Geiger | RN, Founder, CEO

Angela is the founder and chief executive officer of NursePartners.

Angela Geiger founded NursePartners in 2002. A nationally credentialed dementia instructor and registered nurse, she is passionate about providing support to those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. With over thirty years of experience in the specialized field of long term care, her dedication to the industry and love for patients drives her to the top of her field. This manifests itself through the highest quality of uncompromised care that each carepartner provides. Angela was a Director of Nursing at Manor Health Care, where she obtained the foundation to guide a large network of staff. Angela is focused on spreading awareness. She devotes time conducting a number of community outreach programs on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association or at senior citizen centers and nursing facilities.

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Jessica Snyder | Executive Director

Jessica is responsible for supervising the Philadelphia and Pottstown offices.  She oversees client care services for all divisions.  She loves collaborating with families, ensuring quality care, and matching carepartners to their clients.  Jessica obtained her training at Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and it passionate about helping others age in place with both dignity and grace.

Since 2004, Jessica has worked in every leadership position within the company.  She has proven to be an irreplaceable member of the team.

Jessica is also an active mother, keeping her sons competitive in football and business development tournaments.


Tarika Kirkley | Administrative Assistant

Tarika first joined NursePartners in 2012 as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Today she supports our company operations including shift procurement for our staffing division, program development, training, and scheduling.  In June 2016, Tarika received her bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Tarika has over 20 years of nursing experience.  She enjoys building relationships with carepartners and ensuring that clients receive customized plans of care.


Adrian White | Office Manager

Adrian joined the team in 2012 as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Scheduling Coordinator, soon thereafter becoming the Office Manager in Pottstown.  Her responsibilities include scheduling for our home care and GEM divisions and human resources.  She enjoys building supportive relationships with families and staff.

She received her training at the American Red Cross and is an accomplished leader in long-term care.  Adrian has over a decade of direct care experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant.


Peter R. Abraldes | Director of Operations

Peter has been with NursePartners in February 2016.  Peter helps new clients learn about our services through community outreach, speaking engagements, and personalized meetings.  He actively participates on the boards of organizations that support older adults.

He procures service agreements, handles banking and finance activities, manages vendor relationships, develops new company initiatives, and manages marketing efforts online and through traditional channels.  Peter created and oversees the GEM training module as a PAC approved dementia coach.

Peter enjoys supporting older adults and their families through difficult moments.  He draws on his ability to find compromise between multiple stakeholders, while servicing our clients with integrity.


Shanta Simmons | Nurse Recruiter

Shanta has over 10 years experience working in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and rehabilitation centers. She has traveled as far as Glendive, Montana to serve the elderly population in a Veteran’s Administration facility.

She makes it her mission to recruit the best Certified Nursing Assistants that have a genuine interest in caring for older adults.  We are able to change the way families relate to our clients living with dementia by hiring the best candidates. Her compassionate approach makes her a great asset to our team.


Alyssa Missimer | Nurse Recruiter

Alyssa has assisted NursePartners with recruitment since January 2017.  She enjoys playing a decisive role in identifying future carepartners to join our team.  Alyssa focuses on finding the best registered and licensed practical nurses.

Alyssa balances her work with the responsibilities of being a new mother.


Lakeya Dula | Administrative Assistant

Lakeya came on board in January 2018.  She spends most of her time assisting the administrative team and attending calls after hours.  She receivers credentials, annual training requirements of current employees, and builds meaningful relationships with our clients in the field.  She enjoys our work environment and knowing we provide a quality service to older adults.

Lakeya recently earned a bachelor’s degree of science in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix.  In her free time, she reads, stays updated on current events, travels, and spends time with her family.


Davaunia Wilson | LPN, Clinical Service Coordinator

Davaunia became an on call coordinator with NursePartners in September 2017.  By December she was promoted as our new Clinical Service Coordinator.  She ensures that NursePartners providers consistent and exceptional service to our clients and their families.  She is successful at forging clinical and teambuilding solutions in the field.

Davaunia began her career in pediatrics, but ultimately fell in love with geriatrics.  She has a special touch working with older adults.  Princeton Informational Technology Center helped shape her into the caring, compassionate nurse she is today.

She is proud to work at NursePartners because we not only care about our clients, but also our employees.  Davaunia enjoys building her skills as a nurse and clinical care coordinator.  Every day she seeks to develop positive, meaningful relationships with colleagues, clients, and carepartners.