Do you require a commitment to a minimum of hours and days a week in order to provide care?

Our commitment is to the needs of the client.  At NursePartners, we connect before providing care.  A permanent care team is crucial for the development of a successful connection.

A four-hour assignment per day, twice a week, is our minimum for clients living within Philadelphia County and eastern Delaware and Montgomery Counties, east of Route 476.  We can also service clients living in the area north of Philadelphia County, east of Route 309, south of Route 276 and west of Route 1 (Lincoln Highway).  Below is an image and link to this geography.

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New clients living within the blue lines have a minimum assignment length of four hours, twice a week. Clients living outside of the blue lines have a minimum assignment length of six hours, twice a week, given that they live in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties.This is a link to the map in more detail.

We service other areas of Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, however, our minimum assignment length in these areas is six hours, twice a week.